For Induction Motors and 3 Phase Asynchronous motors on 50/60Hz single phase supply. Application for Air Conditoners ,Home Appliances, Compressors, Control Panels and general Motors. Aluminium Can constrcution with an Integrated Safety Mechanism which disconnects the capacitor from the circuit in the event of Catastrophic failure.

Ref Standard: IEC/EN 60252-1, IS 2993-1998
Operating Voltage : 400V to 600V AC
Operating Temp: -40 to 50 Deg C
Tolerance +/- 5%
Capacitance Value : 20 uF to 60 uF
Aluminium Casing in 2+2;2+4 & 4+4 termination

Note : Proper operating conditions and capacitor rating to be maintained to prevent failure of safety mechanism